Apple mail conversion can get rough and thereby the support of a sturdy email converter is unavoidable. The process to transfer Apple mail to Thunderbird is so complicated that we cannot afford even a single error on our journey. A little mistake can completely derail us and we might end up with sore results. Thereby, taking the help of a professional Apple mail to Thunderbird converter is always advisable.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter

But affording an Apple mail to Thunderbird converter can get difficult too. An efficient tool is rarely marketed at a low price. The tools available in the market are either too highly priced or are below average in their performances. Thereby, we bring to you a tool that is highly competent and yet will fit your budget. Mail Extractor Max is a reasonably priced Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool that can work wonders for you. This tool will convert the Apple mails to Thunderbird in glimpse of an eye and would give you stunning results.

An Apple mail to Thunderbird converter with extra-ordinary features

We all wish to use the best products for our personal belongings and emails are no less than our priced possessions. Thereby, an email converter should be able to handle these with care. Mail Extractor Max is an Apple mail to Thunderbird converter that has some really well placed features that come in handy at various stages of the conversion process.

apple mail to thunderbrid converter

Some of these need a specific mention for being unique and for giving that edge to this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter.

Safe and smart tool

Mail Extractor Max isn’t just rationally priced but is also assembled uniquely. It is thoroughly safe to use and at the same time has some peculiar filters that make the conversions even more enjoyable for the users. A brief mention of these would include option to set the files size, option to ignore the empty folders, etc.

Converts everything

It has been rightly said that big things come in small packages and this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter completely justifies this statement. This tool has a world of qualities within it. When it comes to conversions, this tool converts every little component of the mails. The list includes and is not limited to attachments, timestamps, to and from data, read/unread status, contacts, calendars, nested messages, etc.

Converts to multiple outputs

Mail Extractor Max can convert Apple mail to various other formats. Apart from being the best Apple mail to Thunderbird converter it can also convert Apple mail to Outlook (Mac), Entourage, Thunderbird, and EML.

Demo trial version

Have you ever heard of a tool that offers for itself to be openly tested? No, you haven’t. Mail Extractor Max is the only tool to challengingly put itself out for test. It is downloadable in a free trial version format that helps the users test its stability and output.

Grab your copy of the demo trial version of this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter to start testing it!