People who need to migrate their mails to some different mail format must be aware of the complications involved in the process. Instead of going for the procedure themselves or using a freeware-approaches which may damage integrity of the data, you can get the Mail Extractor Max by USL Software to get the maximum safety and latest features in automatic mail conversion. It can convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac, Apple Mail to Entourage 2004/2008, Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Apple Mail to EML, and EMLX format. This tool ensures that the client does not lose their data from conversion and also provides unique features with state-of-the-art abilities.

mail migration

Convert mails without any chance of inaccuracy:

Simple Graphical User Interface

There are many Apple users who have stored their data in the Apple Mail format over many years and cannot afford losing them in the course of migrating to some different mail client. We at USL Software understand your situation which is the reason we provide you with the latest and most technologically advanced features which would result in accurate and expected output. The first feature of this tool which makes it eligible for use by every Apple user is the simple GUI. We have designed the interface in a manner which provides the user with the help they need at all stages of the conversion with auto-explanatory wizard screen.

Super Fast Conversion

Another reason for you to consider the Mail Extractor Max for your conversion needs is the amount of time it would save you. This tool is extremely fast in delivering results. Though it looks utterly simple from the surface, it provides its service with software dedicated to saving as much time as possible. You can opt for the bulk conversion method if you are in a hurry. The best factor regarding this tool is that it can convert hundreds of files at once without altering the accuracy of the result negatively.

Preserve Your Data

This tool is useful not simply for your mails but also other files like Contacts, Calendars, Addresses. It protects them in their intact state. Also, associated files like attachments and nested messages are also preserved. Preserving attachments is a valuable feature since most of the data sharing in mailing is done through attachments. This tool preserves attachments and extracts them disregarding the location of the files.

Life Time Free Updates & 24×7 Support

We also provide free software updates to our clients so that they have permanent access to the latest technology. As soon as a new feature is unrolled, we provide it to our clients through updates. Another service we provide free of cost is customer support. Since not everyone is an expert at data conversion, our expert team provides guidance and help to clients 24*7. We can be accessed through mails as well as calls.

If you are still unconvinced regarding the usefulness of the Mail Extractor Max, get the free demo version and test the features for yourself. Let us know if you have any suggestions for further improvement in your feedback.