Data modification is the issue of unwanted changes or deletion if the data when performing any task. The preserving of the data exactly as it was before processing is called data integrity. It is mostly seen in converting EML to PST, and in similar other email migration.

The major concerns related to data integrity issues are-

  • Loss of folder hierarchy
  • Loss of Unicode content (non-English) content
  • Loss of embedded images within the email body
  • Loss of metadata (such as, Cc, Bcc, To, Subject, date and time, etc)
  • Loss of headers
  • Loss of Attachments

EML file is an extension for storing email data and is one of the popular type of file. EML stands for electronic messages, and since the development of EML, many popular email clients use it to store the data. It contains data in the form of plain ASCII text for the headers and the main message body as well as hyperlinks and attachments.

There are numerous applications that can open EML. This increases the popularity of EML over internet. One of the most common requirement for EML file is when a user is migrating from Windows Outlook to another email client, such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, or Mac Outlook 2011. All these email clients support EML files contain messages and attachments.

On the other hand, PST is an open proprietary file format used to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. PST file refers to personal storage file that Windows outlook uses. Outlook stores all the data into a PST file in Windows Environment.

In Windows Outlook, all the email messages, contacts, attachments, tasks, calendar, and other items are stored on a mail server or on computer offline. The ones stored in computer are called Outlook data file – PST.

The messy nature of most of the ordinary migration tools is very annoying as they lose information/data along the way. It becomes difficult for users to make sense of their converted data during EML to PST migration and can get highly tricky to organize the files after the process is completed.

Moreover, EML to PST conversion is a tricky and a challenging task. The optimal functioning of the tool during the process requires highly intricate programming of the software. That is what enables it to convert the files from various email clients to Windows Outlook. However, such complication gives rise to glitches in the process. Those glitches may be difficult to solve for ordinary developers.

Fortunately enough, we can confidently recommend a tool that passed our data integrity tests – Mail Passport Pro. It can preserve all the information that can often gets lost or corruted. It can offer fully data integrity during EML to PST migration. Expect your emails, and other items, to be wholly similar to the source (EML) after it converts the data to PST.

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