Truthfully speaking, it is a rare occasion when users do not completely ruin their files in an attempt to convert them from OST to MBOX Mac. The files are either completely destroyed or are modified to such an extent that they aren’t even recognizable. This high rate of failure can mostly be associated with the unavailability of a precision OST to MBOX converter tool. But no longer do we need to wait for our guardian angel. We can very well be self-sufficient in successfully converting OST to MBOX Mac. Want to know how? Stay with us because we will take you to it sooner than you think!

OST Extractor Pro is the dream converter tool that everyone needs for converting OST to MBOX Mac

Voila! Didn’t we say we would give you a solution that you really need for resolving your OST to MBOX Mac conversion issues. Here it is! OST Extractor Pro is the best ost conversion tool that will draw you away from all the regular pain causing issues which you encounter in converting OST to MBOX Mac.

convert ost to mbox mac

The following few elaborated points relating to the features of this amazing tool will help you have a better insight into the product and its capabilities.

Simplified Interface

Most of the creators of the tools, in their effort to decorate pseudo options all over the place, end up crowding the interface. It not only makes the GUI shabby but also confusing. Moreover, these fabricated options are mostly just to attract the users and not for actual provision of the promised content. OST Extractor Pro, however, is very different in its approach towards this. It has numerous customization options all properly placed in its simple interface. There is no over-crowding and thereby the users are able to comprehend and work their way through all of these effectively.

ost to mbox mac

Supports OST files from various sources

OST Extractor Pro has been named so because it can convert OST to PST & other file format from anywhere. All the Outlook versions from 1997 to 2019 edition are supported. It also supports Exchange servers and Office 365.

Creates VCF and ICS files for contacts and calendars

A common format for contacts and calendars that is supported across different platforms happens to be VCF and ICS respectively. To convert OST to MBOX Mac, this tool intrinsically rebuilds the files for contacts and calendars into separate VCS and ICS files, which of course can be downloaded and used as and when required.

Precise results

The final files that come out after this tool converts OST to MBOX Mac are perfect in their structure and constituency. There is every single feature intact. The tool preserves the folder hierarchy structure alongside carrying forward all the essential elements of the mails to the final destination. This tool will recreate the OST to MBOX Mac conversion experience for you that would be smooth and pleasurable. You just need to make a leap of faith and everything would start falling into place thereafter!