EML to Outlook PST conversion is not a process that usually goes according to the plan or what you might expect from it. That’s because most converters are not built for effortless data migration. But here’s one that might surprise you!

EML to Outlook Converter

EML to Outlook data conversion is a process that seldom goes according to plan or what you might be expecting. Since there’s no official data conversion utility that can offer you effortless conversion, this task is often filled with frustrations and pains, the severest ones include loss to data and integrity.

But there’s one converter that might surprise you.

It is “Mail Passport Pro” from Gladwev Software. It has really powerful features and interactive UI that will offer you effortless conversion experience. Through its progressive processing logic, it has enabled a way to extract information without any slipups in data integrity.

eml to outlook

Here are some of its most prominent features that make the tool the best in its category:

#1: User Interface: Intuitive and Functional!

There are likely many EML to Outlook converters that offer a decent range of functionality but the biggest problem with them is that they do not have a friendly or functional interface. It can take hours for even experts to convert files, trying to find where is what. But with “Mail Passport Pro,” you get the simplest UI that even a beginner can intuitively understand and use it to migrate EML to Outlook.

#2: Converts Data from Several Data Formats (EML is Just One of Them)

“Mail Passport Pro” is a complete software package or solution to move almost all email formats to Outlook PST format. You can choose input from Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, OLM, MBOX, and RGE files. You basically will not need any other converter because it includes almost all that uses with Mac OS environment.

#3: Supports Folder Hierarchy Conversion

Email folders allow users to arrange their emails neatly, and in the age of email communication, it’s almost impossible to imagine to contain all emails without folders. The arrangement of folders can be particularly complex to get it right during data extraction between EML and Outlook. Only “Mail Passport Pro” contains dedicated support to map the folders into their original hierarchy/order in output PST files.

#4: Supports Unicode text Conversion

Unicode is a universally accepted standard to encode text in world’s most languages, containing almost 139 scripts (as per latest version). Even though it’s the most common standard, it’s tricky to convert them in email files, like EML to Outlook. “Mail Passport Pro” has full support to extract any text in Unicode without losing the details. It will get all your emails that may be from international clients in languages like Chinese or Japanese (those are particularly hard because they use double-byte characters).

#5: Supports Email Headers (including MIME) Conversion

Another complex element to preserve when handling data is the header information associated with emails, like To, from, Cc, Bcc, Subject line, time and date stamps, and so on. The worst of the header information is that which uses MIME protocol. This is a standard to handle non-media attachments and Unicode email addresses. “Mail Passport Pro” converts all such headers, MIME or not, thoroughly without losing the details at all.

Final Thoughts

Finally, “Mail Passport Pro” is a product of Gladwev Software company. They haven been in the business for many years now and is one of the most reputed sources of these email migration solutions for both home users and large corporations.

And that’s why, what you get with “Mail Passport Pro” is not just its features, but also:

  • 24 x 7 tech support, friendly, quick to respond, and expert on EML to Outlook conversion and other migration processes.
  • Free Updates for Life time (after activation)

Get this EML to Outlook Converter

Want to see how it works before buying, here’s the link for the trial version. Limited to ten conversions per folder, it is completely free. You can use it for as long as you want to try it out. And it has none of the features locked.

Get it here: http://www.mailpassportpro.com/

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