Apple Mail does not use MBOX file to store data natively or by default. This sometimes come across as a bit surprising to many, since MBOX is the file first used by Apple Mail. But ever since their 2nd edition of “Mail” client, the EMLX file has been used to store an email; one file per email. This was primarily to make index searching in Mac OS faster.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot export Apple Mail to MBOX file. Many users like to archive their data into MBOX format as a backup, mainly due to the generic nature of the file. You can use it later in many other programs, including Thunderbird.

Export Apple Mail to MBOX file

The in-built manual approach to export Apple Mail to MBOX isn’t efficient. You can try going the manual route, but you will find many flaws in the end. Especially if your Apple Mail database is huge, exporting all of it to MBOX file would be time consuming.

Therefore, we bring to you an excellent way to export data without finding any flaws in the data integrity. It is called “Mail Extractor Max,” and is brought to you by USL Software.

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What makes “Mail Extractor Max” Superior in Every Way?

Now, there are multiple third-party Apple Mail Export converter apps you can get online. But not all of them work straightaway or as you want them to. In fact, a large number of them could be potentially fatal to the integrity of your emails.

apple mail to mbox

Preserve all your data (Accurate Conversion)

You know about the precious photos you family has sent you over emails? Many Apple Mail to MBOX converters lack a proper algorithm to retain these graphical components of your emails, or at least, their properties like size, dimensions, and resolution.

Like images, you might also have some crucial documents as attachments sent by your boss or coworkers. A substandard solution to export Apple Mail into MBOX could often lead to the partially converted attachments.

“Mail Extractor Max” finally relieves you of such worries. Its dedicated and proprietary mechanism deals with every component of an email database with care and accuracy. The tool has optimized scripts that process contents like Unicode text, headers, images, attachments, and everything else, so you will never face any data integrity errors.

Super Easy, Auto Load Entire Database

Second most important aspect of the app is the interface.

While many powerful tools have enough features that you would like, their poor interfaces could be a real setback in your experience. Without a user-friendly front end that enables you to properly interact with the tool’s features, the result is often frustration and loss of productivity. “Mail Extractor Max” has no such oversights. The UI is designed to appeal to everyone equally. Without knowing about the technicality of Apple Mail to MBOX process, you can begin using it right away and get the same results as any experienced IT user would.

Convert Apple Mail to many other formats

Lastly, it is an all in one app to convert Apple Mail to many other formats, not just MBOX. You can use it to convert Apple Mail to EML, Thunderbird, Outlook Mac, Postbox, and even Entourage. Buy the full version now (through any one of the three licenses, depending on your scope of migration project) or start with the trial edition that is free to download below and gives you a full freedom in checking out the whole range of features.

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