Export Thunderbird Email to PST and things you associate with it are not something that brings a smile to your face. The conversion of email from one format to another is not a task that everybody enjoys. With so much complexities and your data on the line, the process involves risk.

Export Thunderbird Email to PST

To eliminate the factor of luck and risk from your attempt of Exporting Thunderbird Email to PST shift to the best tools available for the conversion process.

And those tools are the modern-day solutions, the technological marvels of the email conversion industry, Third-party converters. These converter tools pack the punch of science that makes converting your data from one format to another a cakewalk.

Choose the right one and say goodbye to all your conversion worries

On one hand these third-party converters do solve most of your conversion problems but on the other hand they also make it a bit difficult. The sole reason for that is there are a wide range and number of third-party converters present in the market that claim to make your process of Exporting Thunderbird Email to PST the best one. But none of them meets the demand other than USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

export thunderbird email to pst

Mail Extractor Pro is the current leader of the market and the best third-party converter tool present in the market. The tool makes Exporting Thunderbird Email to PST a walk in the park. The tool offers you a very rare mix of all the best features required to get the most out of your conversion process.

Mail Extractor Pro is an email convert tool to convert Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Mail and MBOX to PST for Mac and Win Outlook.


These features come in very handy by converting, preserving all the data and making it all quick.

Never lose even a single bit of data

Since Safety is what the developers of Mail Extractor Pro took in consideration while developing the tool, thus, the usual problems you have faced in your previous attempts of Exporting Thunderbird Email to PST are eliminated and taken care of by the tool.

The tool solves the long running problem of data loss while migrating Thunderbird to Outlook. To do so the tool automates the process of loading up of the email database file. Since the entire process is automated and there is no human intervention, therefore, there is no human prone error occurring with the process.

Therefore, everything present in the input file is loaded up for the conversion process.

Convert Everything Once Loaded

Once everything is loaded by the automated processes of the tool, the tool’s algorithm takes matters into its own hands. The tool converts every little detail of the data present in the input file while converting Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST.

The tool doesn’t care about the format and type of data coming its way during the conversion process. It converts both the Unicode and ASCII encoded data with same precision and accuracy, therefore, preserving both of your textual and non-English part of the data present in your email database file.

This makes the conversion process a complete and safer one. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the features that Mail Extractor Pro provides.

Download the free trial today

export thunderbird to pst

Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process.