Having trouble in converting your Apple Mail to PST? This is the way to do it.


Conversion of your email files from Apple Mail to PST is a necessary evil that you face in your life. To access the data stored in your email files outside the parent tool it needs to be converted into the necessary formats as per need.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Converting your email data from one format to another involves many complexities. As the data needs to be extracted, converted and then stored into the format of the output file.

Manually trying out the process is not a viable option as it may end up in disastrous result rather than solving the problem. Use of a third-party converter tool becomes must.

Apple Mail to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro is the ultimate third-party converter tool that converts your Apple Mail to PST without any inconvenience.

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The tool is the best Apple Mail to PST Converter out in the market. No other Apple Mail to PST Converter lives up to the promises it makes like Mail Extractor Pro.

The tool provides everything it promises. Power, Precision and Security being the outstanding features that makes the tool different from other Apple Mail to PST Converters.

You can convert your Apple Mail into PST with utmost ease and comfort. The precision and accuracy of the tool is such that it converts all the data present in the input file.

Unlike other Apple Mail to PST Converters the tool leaves nothing behind. You won’t face any kind of data loss or corruption whilst using the tool.

apple mail to pst converter

The tool creates an exact replica of the input file with all the data as it is in the native places. Yes, the tool not only converts your Apple Mail into PST but also retains the folder hierarchy of the input file.

This comes in very handy when you navigate through the output file or try to debug it. As you are already familiar with the folder structure you won’t have to waste time in searching for desired data.

The Power of the tool can be experienced by the speed at which the tool converts your Apple Mail to PST.

The tool operates at a lighting quick speed. The tool uses modern approaches like bulk conversion that help it cut down on the time spent in the conversion process.

In bulk conversion you can select all the files that you want to convert. Then, in a single go the tool converts them all without compromising on accuracy and precision.

You get quick and accurate results that no other Apple Mail to PST Converter provides.

The tool is as safe as it is quick. The tool converts every kind of data present in your input file. Be it English or non-English, the tool converts them all.

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Unicode data is the non-English data of your input file. Many Apple Mail to PST Converters fail at this very step. And failing to convert all the data results in corruption of input files as well.

But not with Mail Extractor Pro. It converts the Unicode data therefore providing your data the security it needs.

Ge it to convert Apple Mail to PST

So, download your free trial version today and get started.

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