There is no denying the fact that import EML to Office 365 task is extremely convoluted. However, with tools such as Mail Extractor Pro in picture, users can leave behind all their worries.

How to Import EML to Office 365

The major reason of users shying away from the lessons on how to import EML files into Office 365 is the amount of technicality involved in the same. Certainly, ever user isn’t technologically savvy and thus such disinterest is but natural for them. Since majority of the users fall under this category, USL Software decided to dedicate time and effort to develop a tool that could cater to needs of this market segment. Hence came into being its innovative make- Mail Extractor Pro!

About the tool

Mail Extractor Pro is an EML to PST converter tool that also ardently converts Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to Office 365. The tool is simple to use; this becomes quite evident to the users with its user-friendly interface and highly simplified conversion process. Even the beginners excel at creating perfect mirror-images of the data files with the use of this tool.

import eml to office 365

Above and beyond its marvellous offerings, it is interesting to note that the tool remains affordable for majority of the users. It comes in 4 license keys all of which are very rationally. These also come with free updates for life and round the clock customer care services. What more can a user possibly ask for?

The bottom line here is that there is no way in the world that you would be able to resist this EML to Outlook conversion tool after having gained insight into its excellent rewards. Do try it out by downloading the FREE demo version of the tool!

Here is a glimpse at the awe-inspiring features of this EML to Office 365 import tool!

Mail Extractor Pro beats its competitors not only with its performance but also with its edgy features which truly take it on another level. The tool has been built on sturdy technology. This is very well reflect in its ultramodern technology.

Here are some of the best features on it:

eml to office 365
  • Comprehensible Interface: The tool comes with a very intuitive interface that can be understood at first sight. There is no use of technical jargons to perplex the users.
  • Bulk conversions: The users get to convert large batches of files. So it performs as to speed up the entire EML to Office 365 transfer process.
  • Auto load: The tool has the ability to automatically extract data files from the default directories of the email client.
  • Converts everything: It converts every single element on the data files. The tool converts sll email items, images, attachments, etc with full accuracy.
  • Overall structure: The tool maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.
  • Speed: It works at lightning fast speed to deliver the final results.
  • Splits large PST files: The users can set the limit for size of final PST files. This is to avoid creation of oversize and hence unusable files.

Do not waste another minute and grab a FREE demo copy of this EML to Office 365 import tool today!