With Mail Extractor Pro you would never have to be stressed about MBOX to PST conversion. It has been constructed after extensive research on the requirements and preferences of users in mail conversion. It has simplified mail conversion like never before with its ability to convert data directly in the mac. This comes with a number of more features that make mail conversion not only easy but also fun.

mbox to pst

Unmatchable service in MBOX to PST Conversion

Using this software to convert MBOX to PST would mean access to a number of facilities unavailable elsewhere. While using an ordinary software convert data from MBOX to PST might damage your data, that is never the case with this software. It is protected against all possibilities of damage or corruption of data.

Auto-selection of all data

This software selects all the data while it goes on to migrate MBOX to PST. You just have to give the command and it automatically selects all the files, saving a lot of time in the process. Another feature quite helpful in saving your time is the capacity of this software to convert your data in bulk. In a single batch you can convert multiple files at once with efficiency.

Convert MBOX to PST even data containing double-byte characters

No type of data is too complex or off-limits for this software. Using it you can convert non-english language data, even the ones that use double-byte characters. As a result, it proves to be the best software to convert data that is in languages like chinese, korean, japanese etc. This facility applies to batch conversion as well. That means that you would be able to convert data with double-byte characters using this software with much ease in batches.

Ignores empty folders and splits large files

This software takes care of the minute tasks as well. Though ignoring empty folders during mbox to pst migration might not seem like a big deal, this facility means that you have much lesser mess to deal with. Also, if the files are too large to be processed, it breaks them and then converts them.

Converts every detail and is bug-free

All the details are important when it comes to mail data, the makers of this MBOX to PST converter have kept that in mind. It preserves details such as metadata, read/unread status, timestamps etc. Another reason you should consider buying it the fact that it is free of bugs. So there is no possibility of the software crashing or freezing. As a result, the conversion speed is lightning-fast.

mbox to pst conversion

Couple these features with a user-friendly interface and you would not have to worry about MBOX to PST conversion again. No other method makes mail conversion as easy as this software does. It should definitely be on your priority list if you are aiming for precise conversion that is also safe for your data.