Migrating Mac Outlook to Apple Mail can be a long and exhausting process. Through manual techniques, it is even lengthier, more painful, and more inaccurate. Today we are showing how you can easily do it without any such issues using ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘.

Migrate Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

OLM Extractor Pro” is a tool developed by USL Software to help you migrate Mac Outlook to Apple Mail by converting OLM files to MBOX files. This conversion is a necessary step because OLM isn’t compatible format with Mac Mail.

Two features or rather qualities of “OLM Extractor Pro” makes the tool stand out from the rest – its intuitive GUI and accuracy of conversion.

migrate mac outlook to apple mail

You perhaps don’t need a tutorial to start using ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’ It is built for beginners to move data from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail right from the start. But few users would still like to know a little bit about the process.

So, here’s a brief walk-through for “OLM Extractor Pro” to migrate Mac Outlook to Apple Mail.

  1. First, you need OLM files to get this done. This is very simple. Just go to Mac Outlook, click ‘File’ –> ‘Export’. Select the email account or the folders that you want to migrate. Keep the archived OLM files at any location in your Mac.
  2. Now, launch “OLM Extractor Pro.” If you still don’t have the tool, you can get the free trial version here. To go through this tutorial, a free trial version would be perfect. You can still check out the features and get the full impressive of how it works in action before you buy for the full version.
  3. After launching the tool, you will an option at the top that says “Load OLM.” Click on it and a window will open up where you need to go to the same location where you saved your archived OLM file (or files) and select them.
  4. The tool reads the entire files from top to bottom without missing any folder and then displays all that to you. You can also check which folders you want to convert here. Additionally, there is a filtering option to ignore the type of folders you are not looking to convert. You can also check “Ignore all empty folders” which does exactly what you’d expect – it excludes the empty folders from the output Apple Mail files.
  5. After you have checked the folders you want to convert, it is time to set the optional settings as you’d see fir for your purpose.
    • Save read/unread emails to separate folders
    • Merge all contacts to a single VCF file
    • Merge all calendar entries to a single ICS file
  6. Next, choose output as “Apple Mail” and hit “convert” at the bottom.
  7. Wait for the tool to finish converting all items from OLM to Apple Mail files.
  8. Now Launch “Apple Mail” and go to “File –> Import” and choose mailboxes in MBOX format. Go to the location where the tool saved the converted the MBOX files and select them.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do.

Get it to Migrate Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

Get your free trial copy here – https://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

mac outlook to apple mail

If you compare this tool’s approach to any other tool or to the manual conversion methods, you will be greatly surprised how easy it is. You basically did nothing but loaded the OLM files and set some few optional settings.

To migrate Mac Outlook to Apple Mail, try ‘OLM Extractor Pro’. today.