OS X Mail to Outlook migration has been simplified by this new age technology/ Read it to know more it.

OS X Mail to Outlook Migration

New age methods, the word that defines how email migration has changed with the course of time. Email migration has always been the best way to transfer all of your data from one email account to another. It is the only way of transferring such huge amount of data.

But the methods used for email migration or OS X Mail to Outlook Migration specifically, have evolved over the course of time.

Manual or converter tools? Which is the way to go for migrating OS X Mail to Outlook effectively

Emails can be migrated from one account to another, both manually or with the use of a converter tool. Manually you need to set up the email accounts and use a protocol to send all the data. This can prove a process far too weak for the evolved data and its size. It gets restricted to small amount of not so sensitive data.

For large amounts and different types of data you need to switch to a converter tool. And that too not any converter tool but the best one available in the market.

Mail Extractor Pro form USL Software is that converter tool. The tool is a product of years of research and development and is the perfect solution to use to migrate OS X Mail to Outlook. The mix of all the best features in a perfect proportion allows you to get the most out of your OS X Mail to Outlook Migration.

Accuracy is the key to migrate OS X Mail to Outlook effectively, and this tool provides you with the best one

Conversion accuracy is one of the building blocks of a great conversion process. With the amount and different types of data travelling through email in today’s world your converter tool needs to be strong and effective enough to deal with it.

The algorithm that Mail Extractor Pro supports are very technically sound and provide you with enough power to convert it all. When the tool says it converts it all it literally means it.

The tool leaves nothing behind while migrating your Mac Mail to Outlook 365. It converts all the textual data as well as the non-English data too. Yes, the dreaded Unicode data is also easily converted by this tool.

The things that this tool can convert also includes attachments, MIME headers, nested messages, metadata and a lot more. Thus, you don’t miss out on anything during your OS X Mail to Outlook Migration.

Convert and retain all of it at the same time

Retaining is the step two of your Apple Mail to Office 365 (Outlook) Migration. What the converter tool has converted needs to be retained in the proper order and format to ensure that you get what you were looking for.

Mail Extractor Pro does that for you. The tool converts all the data effectively but most importantly retains it all too. The tool doesn’t modify the converted data on any level, thus ensuring that its authenticity is maintained throughout the conversion process.

os x mail to outlook migration

Plus, the folder hierarchy of the input file is also retained by the tool. This helps in structuring the output file produced is the same as the input file. Thus, no problem in finding the data post the conversion process.

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