Microsoft Outlook is one of the major players in the game of email service providers.  Over 4 billion people use the services of Outlook and it is not only present on Windows but for MAC too. And those all people face the same challenge in conversion of OST files to PST Outlook 2019.


When it comes to handling the files of Microsoft Outlook the first and foremost thought that comes in mind is OST to PST conversion Outlook 2019. But what actually is an OST file and a PST file and what’s the need for their inter conversion?


OST is an acronym for Offline Storage Table. As the name suggest it is used for working in an offline environment. It is created by default on your system, i.e. your hard disk by Outlook once you login into the server. Where OST is a great feature that helps you to work in a restricted environment according to your need and pace, it also brings some problem with it.

The major problem with OST is it’s incompatibility with Microsoft Outlook. An OST file cannot be directly imported into Outlook and unless the OST file is imported, the updated work will not be reflected on the server. So what’s the solution?


PST or Personal Storage File is the more compatible with Outlook, than OST.  Outlook provides the user with an online storage table of standard size, i.e. 2GB to store and update his/her hard work on to the Microsoft Outlook server. PST being the original file system can be directly imported into Outlook, but this conversion from OST to PST Outlook 2019 cannot be done manually and a specialized tool is required for it.

Now since Outlook works on both platforms, Windows and MAC, then if you are using any of those sub standard converters then you may need a separate one for each of the two platforms. But USL software came up with the magic potion that cures both the illness using just a single formula.

OST to PST Conversion Outlook 2019

OST EXTRACTOR PRO is a multipurpose tool developed by USL software that can convert an OST file into PST in just blink of an eye. OST EXTRACTOR PRO is the ultimate solution for all your OST to PST conversion Outlook 2019 problems.

OST to PST Conversion Outlook 2019

OST EXTRACTOR PRO is available for both Windows and MAC, so it does not matter if you convert an OST file on Windows using OST EXTRACTOR PRO, you can still import that into your MAC’s Outlook. Since it is a common tool for both the platforms it saves your precious time wasted in learning the functionalities of two different tools for two different platforms, providing the same service.

Speaking of learning, OST EXTRACTOR PRO comes with the most easy to use user interface present in the market. It reduces the time and effort of the user by providing a seamless smooth and very interactive experience, making it fun to use.

OST to PST Converter Outlook 2019

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And that’s not it; OST EXTRACTOR PRO comes with a guarantee of a 100% successful conversion rate, making it the only tool to do so. So, don’t worry about the platform you are using and drop the worries about the safety of your data too. Download the FREE trial today and get going.

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