Migration of any kind is difficult. Be it switching houses or OST to PST migration. There is important stuff on the line. Similar to a process of moving out when you transfer your data from one format to another, all of it remains in a very vulnerable state until and unless it reaches the destination.

If proper means of transfer are not utilized, you can cause severe damage to your data. So, you need to be sure about the mover you are choosing to complete the transfer. In this case, the conversion solution.

Right OST to PST Migration solution is all it takes

Right conversion solution is all it takes for a successful OST to PST migration. The process of transferring data solely relies on the shoulder of your conversion solution. So, you need to be careful about how you approach the conversion solution and with which tools you do so.

Choosing the conversion solution is harder than you think. A conversion solution requires you to have all the generic qualities like accuracy, speed and ease embedded together. But not all conversion solutions in the market have that combination.

In fact, only a few of them can boast to have the holy trinity. And out of those few OST Extractor Pro from USL Software stands out. The converter tool is the best in the business, as per most experts. It is due to the features that the tool provides.  The combination of the features that the tool provides covers all the aspects of the conversion process equally.

OST to PST Migration

It’s powerful in working and easy to use, all you can wish for in a Microsoft OST to PST conversion solution.

Handling large files won’t be a problem

Large files have now become a common occurrence in the modern-day email databases. Since the email is most widely used means of communication, the amount and complexity of data being transferred by emails have also grown.

These large files contain a large amount of data and can cause big problem to most converter tools out there. But this converter tool looks at them differently. The tool deals with large files without any problem. The modern-day algorithms that the tool is running on makes sure that large sized files won’t cause a problem.

This not only simplifies your OST to PST migration but also ensures no data loss.

Folder arrangement gets retained

Messed up folder structure are a big problem. Not only they don’t look good but also cause a lot of problem in carrying out any post conversion operations.

Retaining the folder structure from the input file not only simplifies these post conversion problems but also give you a familiar environment to work with. But the problem is that most substandard conversion solutions fail to provide you with the feature to retain the folder structure. That means the struggle continues post your OST to PST migration.

This converter tool solves that problem for you. The tool retains the folder hierarchy during the conversion process. Thus, giving the output file produced an exactly similar look and feel.

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OST to PST Migration Tool

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