Finding the right Postbox to PST Converter is the defining point of your email conversion process. There are a number of options present in the market but sadly there is none that meets all the demands of the users. But if you are looking for one, then don’t be disheartened. This article introduces you to a converter tool that actually works.

Postbox to PST Converter

Postbox is a well renowned email client amongst MacOS users. Famous for its features and simple to use interface, the email client has garnered quite a user base. It may be an acquired taste but once you get experienced with it, it works wonders for you.

Till the time you are working on Postbox everything is fine. You get exceptional results and performances that any other email client fails to deliver. The real problem starts when you switch to more functional clients like Outlook. Migration of data from your old account to new one, becomes a matter of concern.

Postbox exports its data in the generic format of MBOX. It is widely used by many email clients and is widely acceptable too. But unfortunately, it is not the case with Windows Outlook. Outlook uses the PST format for storage of its data and needs MBOX archived files to be converted into it to work with them.

Since, there is no direct or default way of doing so, you need to take help from a Postbox to PST Converter.

The most reliable Postbox to PST Converter

Postbox to PST Converters are software utilities that help you in getting over the obstacles of data migration. They are specifically designed for this purpose. But sadly, not all of them are reliable.

They miss one or two essential features while exporting the data. And the amount of sensitive information stored in emails nowadays, even lapse of a single bit of data can be disastrous.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro solves this problem. The tool is an all-round solution that has proven itself time and again. Packed with the best features in the business, this Postbox to PST Converter is recommended by most experts and casual users alike.

postbox to pst converter

The feature list of the tool includes:

  • Great conversion accuracy: The email conversion accuracy of this converter tool is unmatchable. The tool converts everything present in your input email database files. The range of content it converts includes Unicode data, double byte data and lot more. You don’t suffer with any kinds of data losses.
  • Easy to use Interface: The interface of the tool makes using the tool even easier. It provides you with step by step guide of what needs to be done. It makes the entire conversion experience better for all users.
  • Bulk Conversion of Files: You can convert multiple files in a single go with this Postbox to PST Converter. The tool provides you with the option of Bulk Conversion. All of the files are treated with same conversion quality as when they would have if converted individually.
best postbox to pst converter

Grab on to the free trial of the tool today and export Postbox to Outlook (Mac & Windows).