Today we are going to talk about how to recreate OST file in Outlook.

This is a common problem everyone faces and many of the readers have asked me this question and here I am sharing one of the questions so that you can relate to the topic easily.

Recreate OST file in Outlook


I am a regular reader of your blogs and today I am sharing my problem with you.  And I have lost my important data and need it back. I want to recreate OST file in Outlook. Waiting for an article on this issue’

So here I am with the solution for your problem my friend. Here we go. –

NOTE – The process I am going to mention can be different for some version of MS Outlook. I have tested this process in the MS Outlook {2010, 2013, and 2016} version. It may or may not run on the other version.

Need to recreate OST file in Outlook

Many a time’s users are not able to preserve their OST data files in MS Outlook. They need to recreate OST file if the files are not saved in the MS Outlook database.

So here I am going to tell you about the process. I have divided the complete process into steps. Here they are. –

  1. Launch MS Outlook. All you need to do is to double click on the icon.
  2. Then you will go to account setting and then select the email tab and then you have select Microsoft.
  3. Now a option will pop up which is change e-mail setting. Click on it and then click next.
  4. Now click on more settings.
  5. In this step you will click offline folder file setting.
  6. Now you have to give the path for the OST file you want to recreate.
  7. Now you will click ok. You will be asked to name the file. If a file with a same name already exists then you have to change the name. File with the same name will not be saved. A pop up will be shown for the files with same name. So make sure to name the file different so that no problem occurs.
  8. This is a very easy step. You have to click OK and then finish the process. A very easy task.

In any case if this process does not work properly then, you can use ‘OST Extractor Pro’ in which you can recreate PST files. Then you can easily import the file into Outlook.

Recreate OST file in Outlook

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You can use the trial version which is free to use. You can later switch to upgrade version if you like it. In this way, you can easily recover data from OST file.

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By upgrading you can unlock many cool features which are specially designed by keeping these types of problems in mind.

You can also share any other way which suits up with every version of MS Outlook. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Till then stay tuned.